Kelly is an experienced health information scientist with over 11 years of experience conducting in-depth literature searches, and appraising and summarizing evidence on a wide range of healthcare related topics.

Her role at the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) includes working with stakeholders to provide consistent and effective information to health care providers, administrators and policy makers in a format best suited to their needs. She also ensures that barriers to best practice are identified, and that evidence is integrated into dissemination and implementation efforts.

Kelly’s area of expertise spans the development and quality assessment of clinical practice guidelines. As part of the Guidelines Advisory Committee, she worked to establish their internationally recognized search, review and summarization process.  She has worked closely with guideline developers and panel members to execute systematic reviews and develop recommendations based on the best available evidence.  She trains clinicians and other healthcare professionals on the use of the AGREE II Instrument, and has developed educational programs on how to locate, evaluate, and make best use of systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines.  She has also developed systematic techniques for locating guidelines and evidence reviews outside traditional published literature sources.

Kelly received her bachelor of arts in psychology and multimedia from McMaster University and her master of information and library science from the University of Western Ontario.