EMR Integration

EMR-Based Poverty Screening in the Primary Care Setting

Funded by the Local Poverty Reduction Fund for 15 months starting on Feb. 1, 2017, the project focuses on developing an electronic medical record (EMR) integrated strategy to screen and identify poverty in primary care. Additionally, the project enables providers to intervene on behalf of their patients affected by poverty or low socioeconomic status, by appropriately managing and/or referring patients to social support programs.

Process for pilot sites

Set up

1. 4 sites selected for pilot testing across Ontario

2. Provider education to support implementation

OCFP’s Treating Poverty workshop delivered.

During the patient's visit

3. Patient screening survey administered

Via OCEAN tablet.

4. Provider point-of-care EMR enabled intervention

Based on the Poverty Tool.

5. Patient provided with tailored list of local resources

Pulled from 211 Ontario‘s list of programs and services.

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Publications and Presentations