Our Mission.

To close the gap between evidence and practice in health care.


We are here for healthcare providers. To give them what they need to provide the best care to their patients.

What We Do

The Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) engages with healthcare providers throughout its processes and creates solutions based on best evidence that can be adapted in providers’ local contexts.

Our History

Our People

CEP’s strong team of volunteers and staff is integral to the success of the organization. It includes clinicians, researchers, health administrators, knowledge translation experts and system leaders who are committed to implementing best-practices in healthcare.


Our Board Of Directors

The CEP Board of Directors is a committed and experienced group of individuals who provide strategic direction and guidance to the organization. This dedicated group of leaders meets regularly to ensure CEP’s work and activities are advancing its mission.

Our Clinical Leads

The CEP’s clinical leads bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They are recognized leaders in the health care areas and in their respective fields.

Our Staff

The CEP staff encompass a broad range of expertise and experience including knowledge translation, implementation science, program evaluation, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Our Associates

CEP engages a diverse set of experts to support each of the projects and/or activities it undertakes. Our team of healthcare providers, researchers, decision-makers and business associates (facilitators, user-centered designers, graphic designers, qualitative and quantitative analysts, communication specialists etc.) allows CEP the flexibility to tailor its approach for maximum benefit to our clients.