Academic Detailing Topic for Primary Care
We provide educational outreach visits across Ontario through our academic detailing service. These one-on-one visits are conducted by pharmacists for family physicians. They are flexible and tailored for providers, each covering a different topic per season.
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iDynaform Pilot Study

We’re seeking Ontario providers to participate in a pilot project and test the Cardiovascualr iDynaForm Tool in OSCAR EMR.
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Waterloo Wellington electronic referral platform

The CEP has partnered with Think Research and CognisantMD in a project to support the System Coordinated Access team to design and implement an electronic referral platform for the following LHINs: Waterloo Wellington, South East, North East, Erie St. Clair and Champlain. On the platform, health care providers can submit eReferrals directly from their EMR, allowing clinicians to share patient information in real time.
About the program

clinical tools, resources and programs developed
Stakeholder organizations directly engaged
Guideline Reviews Conducted
Print tools and resources disseminated

Featured Services

Academic Detailing

Our academic detailing service entails service-oriented one-on-one visits focused on delivering providers with objective, balanced, evidence-informed information on best practices to optimize clinical care. This information is always tailored to each provider’s expressed needs and is delivered at a time that is convenient for each of them.

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Knowledge Translation

We work with providers to gather information and disseminate knowledge products based on best evidence and current practices. These products include clinical tools, resources and programs that help inform providers.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Through our clinical practice guidelines training and assessment services, we help guideline developers implement best practices in their methods to improve the quality of national guidelines. We also actively undertake CPG quality reviews to ensure that the best available evidence informs both policy-making and clinical decision-making processes.

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What our Partners say

"The CEP's academic detailing service is a very effective way to engage, educate and support those practicing long-term care. Engaging, educating and supporting physicians at a provider level can cause them to integrate best-practices into their care. This way, they are more likely to think creatively about solutions to the challenges ahead of us in long-term care."- Dr. Scott Nash, Medical Director in Long-Term Care
"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the CEP on the development of the Poverty Tool for Primary Care. The organization proved to be fast, efficient, and effective in its approach to assessing need, gathering wide input, design, and informed development of this tool. The final product is unique and cleverly structured, and I am confident in CEP’s ability to effectively bring it into mainstream primary care practice. I would welcome the opportunity to work with the CEP on future projects."- Dr. Gary Bloch, Clinical Lead
"When we made the needs of people with earlier stages of chronic kidney disease a priority at the ORN, we knew we needed to work closely with primary care. As a recognized leader in primary care change management, we immediately turned to the Centre for Effective Practice for help."- Graham Woodward, former Director, Clinical Programs, CCO/ORN
"I’ve had excellent experiences working with the dedicated, knowledgeable people/staff at CEP, who are committed to the development of evidenced-based tools for primary care providers that will directly impact clinical practice."- Dr. Deanna Telner, Clinical Lead


We work with a broad range of clients to develop solutions for achieving best practice in health care. These activities include addressing evidence and care gaps, identifying barriers to optimal practice and developing, implementing, evaluating and promoting appropriate care.

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