What We Do.

Provide practical and adaptable solutions for health systems and local practices.

CEP works with healthcare partners to improve patient outcomes through a rigorous product and service development process.

We actively engage providers and end-users at all stages, from planning to execution. This allows for the effective delivery of multi-channel programs to primary-care stakeholders.

Our Process

CEP Discover Process


  • We listen to what providers need, make sense of the evidence and identify solutions.
  • We determine what we know about gaps and barriers, review the evidence and best practices, and adapt what will work for the specific content.

CEP Design Process


  • We build practical solutions, tools and supports with providers.
  • We determine how to best address specific care gaps and develop evidence-informed tailored solutions for application in the local context.

CEP Implement Process


  • We put the customized solution into the hands of providers and into action.
  • Our interventions are designed to be part of day to day patient care.

CEP Evaluate Process


  • We conduct evaluations for clients and as well as gather feedback on our own performance.
  • Our evaluations include programmatic evaluation to project specific assessments ranging from impact on health outcomes to client satisfaction.


"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the CEP on the development of the Poverty Tool for Primary Care. The organization proved to be fast, efficient, and effective in its approach to assessing need, gathering wide input, design, and informed development of this tool. The final product is unique and cleverly structured, and I am confident in CEP’s ability to effectively bring it into mainstream primary care practice. I would welcome the opportunity to work with the CEP on future projects."- Dr. Gary Bloch, Clinical Lead
"I’ve had excellent experiences working with the dedicated, knowledgeable people/staff at CEP, who are committed to the development of evidenced-based tools for primary care providers that will directly impact clinical practice."- Dr. Deanna Telner, Clinical Lead
"When we made the needs of people with earlier stages of chronic kidney disease a priority at the ORN, we knew we needed to work closely with primary care. As a recognized leader in primary care change management, we immediately turned to the Centre for Effective Practice for help."- Graham Woodward, former Clinical Director, CCO/ORN


We work with a broad range of clients to develop solutions for achieving best practice in health care. These activities include addressing evidence and care gaps, identifying barriers to optimal practice and developing, implementing, evaluating and promoting appropriate care.

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